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Treatment for depression and bipolar disorder:

Most people have had a brief period of feeling down. If you feel any of the following, therapy may be helpful to relieve the pain and help you to start feeling good:

Depressed feelings - sad, lonely, angry
Sleep problems
Suicidal thoughts
Feeling blah or hopeless

Some of our clients benefit from cognitive therapy to change their negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Some other clients benefit more from more experiential therapies to help them work through their past and present feelings.

Treatment for Anxiety - worries, panic, social anxiety
If you have any of the following symptoms, therapy will be helpful.

  • Worry a lot
  • Nervous
  • Panic feelings
  • Problems sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Social Fears

We will teach you strategies to overcome your worries, fears, and anxieties so you can feel calm and more at ease with yourself. We will use either cognitive therapy and/or experiential therapies.

Therapy for Children and Adolescents
We have worked for over 25 years with children who are experiencing depression, anxiety, ADHD, school problems, behavioral problems, and substance abuse. We work closely with parents to help their children feel better and do the things they want and need to do.

For younger children ages 3-8
We do both play therapy (play that allows children to express their feelings through play) and talk therapy (identify feelings and talk about solutions.)

For adolescents
We help them identify their feelings to understand themselves better. We have them set goals to change any behaviors that are causing them or their family problems. We also assist parents to communicate more effectively with their child.

Marital Therapy
Please visit the following website for more information on marriage counseling: www.marriagecounselingmd.com

We assist couples to communicate better in order to feel closer and to reduce conflict. Almost all marriages can be improved by doing small things such as talking more often to holding hands more often. We also help couples work through the pain of an affair/infidelity to build a stronger relationship. We provide pre-marital counseling to prepare for a healthy marriage.

Treatment for Pain Control and Reduction
Hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are effective tools in relieving pain and the stress related to pain.  They have been successfully used during surgery and in labor and delivery.  They are also very helpful for chronic pain control whether someone is using pain medication or not.  

I will use hypnosis to reduce your painful feelings and sensations.  It may also help reduce how much pain medication you are using or help you to stop using pain medication altogether.  Using hypnosis, I have helped clients reduce pain associated with:  arthritis; fibromyalgia; back issues; knee problems; hip pain; headaches/migraines; and neuropathy.  

I also provide CBT for clients who do not want to use hypnosis.  

I enjoy providing therapy to senior citizens who are going through issues related to:

  • Medical Problems
  • Mild Dementia
  • Loss of Loved Ones
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Adjusting to Retirement

We accept all insurances and employee assistance programs- including Medicare.