"I was not enjoying things I used to like because I couldn’t concentrate or sleep. I had read about cognitive therapy and had a consultation with Mr. Crouch to learn more about it before starting therapy. He talked to me about how it works and I decided to give it a try. He helped me get back on track and feel good again."

Pete of Ellicott City, MD

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" I was feeling anxious and worrying a lot which sapped my energy. My friend mentioned that she had seen Jeff Crouch in therapy and how much he had helped her. I decided to make an appointment and I’m so glad I did. I learned how to change my worrying to more positive ways of dealing with my feelings. Jeff helped me a great deal."

Susan of Baltimore, MD

"I went to therapy with Jeff Crouch feeling depressed and anxious. After a few weeks of therapy, I started to feel more like my old self. I stayed in therapy for a couple of more months. He helped me validate my feelings and self-worth."
Cara of Columbia, MD

Hi, I'm Jeff.

I have 32 years of experience helping hundreds of individuals and couples. I will help you feel safe talking about your feelings, thoughts, and experiences.  I am understanding, supportive, and caring. My patients feel secure and comfortable when discussing their problems with me.

What am I like as a therapist?
Patients have told me that I help them feel comfortable and safe to explore their emotions and relationships. Similarly, couples find me impartial, involved, and balanced. It's all about trust.

I accept all insurances and employee assistance programs.

In addition, I also specialize in marriage counseling.

For more information please visit www.MarriageCounselingMD.com.